Educational Attainment





education attainmentEducational Attainment

  • Tehama County residents have a good education foundation, with 81% of residents holding a high school diploma or higher education, which is on par with California as a whole.
  • Tehama County residents have a higher rate of high school graduates when compared to California, with 29% of Tehama County residents holding a high school diploma or equivalency, and 21% of California residents with the same level of education.

Programs & Campaigns Aimed at College & Career Readiness

  • Safe Education & Recreation for Rural Families The SERRF Expanded Learning Program provides 1800 kindergarten through eighth grade students instruction in academics, enrichment and recreation in coordination with schools to support the Common Core Learning Standards. SERRF operates everyday school is in session from school release time until 6 PM. SERRF serves all twenty-five Tehama County elementary and middle schools, including small, isolated rural school sites. More information is available here: Resource Link
  • Expect More Tehama Expect More Tehama is about continuous improvement in an environment not stuck on the past, and not willing to lay blame, justify or pass responsibility but instead seek solutions and reasons to support and celebrate. More information is available here: Resource Link
  • Tehama Reads! Tehama Reads! is a community based literacy campaign with the vision of every child in Tehama county reading at or above grade level by third grade. Tehama Reads, in conjunction with Expect More Tehama, community organizations, local businesses and schools, will be working collaboratively to ensure that all students are provided with the opportunity to achieve high academic performance standards in reading. More information is available here: Resource Link
  • Tehama County Mentoring Program Tehama County Mentoring Program is a joint effort of public agencies, community organizations, law enforcement, schools and interested individuals from across Tehama County. Mentoring a child can be a magical, life changing experience for both the child and adult mentor. Our goals are to provide Tehama County youth with positive adult role models and the additional support every child needs to make successful life choices, and to offer a rewarding opportunity for community members to enrich the lives of young people by sharing their wisdom and experiences. More information is available here: Resource Link