Mount Tehama Winery

32165 Forward Rd • Manton, Ca 96059

La Tour Farm - the site of the Mount Tehama Winery - started in 1982 with 20 acres of brush and plenty of rocks. A Christmas tree plantation was originally established which required no pesticide applications. This started the foundation for healthy soil and the organic philosophy for Mount Tehama Winery. Our 2,660 ft. elevation gives us a colder climate, which discourages many pests and other types of problems, but which is desirable in producing a balanced wine grape. By encouraging a healthy soil and environment, using common sense, we can grow healthy grapes in a clean environment, all of which improves the end product in the bottle. We welcome visitors to our vineyard. Since we do not have an official tasting room, we appreciate a quick phone call before you come so we can welcome you to our winery!

Mount Tehama Winery's Image
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