Tehama Oaks Winery for Sale...and we’ve got the scoop!

Tehama Oaks Winery for Sale...and we’ve got the scoop! Main Photo

6 Sep 2018

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Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a winery and vineyard? Beautiful grapes on the vine, satisfying work and a country setting, life couldn’t get any better than that! In Tehama County, that dream could be a reality. Family owned and operated since 2008 and very well cared for, Tehama Oaks Vineyard and Winery is up for sale! We had the opportunity to talk with the current owner, Bob Douglas, about his experience owning this business in Tehama County.

Bob values his community and says that Tehama County is an exceptional place to live and do business. When he started Tehama Oaks he met with the Board of Supervisors and other local officials who were very supportive of a new winery opening, “They understood that these types of establishments contribute to the quality of life for the community.” Bob said. Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce stepped up to support as well.

In 2009, Bob approached local rodeo celebrity, John Growney, with the idea of a “Rodeo Week Wine Release” and the “Wild West Blend” was born! The winery has produced wines such as Red Rock Red, Gamer Babe Red, and Barrel Racer Red. Each release has its story printed on the bottle. Barrel Racer Red was made in honor of 2017 World Champion Barrel Racer, Nellie Williams-Miller, who is a Tehama County native. “Wine tasting is an experience; you need to tell a story with every wine bottle opened, every glass served.” - Bob Douglas

Bob says that having a great relationship with the grape grower is essential for success, “The thing about winemaking is that everyone wants to know who the winemaker is and where the grapes are from.” The winery uses grapes grown in the vineyard but also has the option of purchasing grapes from premium vineyards throughout the North State. Bob is willing to mentor and coach the new owner and winemaker through the first harvest and crush season.

A second tasting room is located in a boutique in Historic Downtown Red Bluff in a beautiful rustic setting. We visited the tasting room (can’t say it was our first time) during a CD release party for a local country artist and tried Bob’s Winetini, a special concoction using Tehama Oaks Surah. It was an absolutely delicious and refreshing new twist on wine!

There are two vineyards on the property, an upper vineyard next to the winery and a lower vineyard on Highway 36. All equipment needed to care for the vineyard, winery and tasting room equipment is included. This is turn-key ready for a new winemaker!

Contact us for a full synopsis of Tehama Oaks Vineyard and Winery and to be put in touch with the owner.

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