Let's Talk Shipping with Kaci Blaser-Rianda

Let's Talk Shipping with Kaci Blaser-Rianda Main Photo

24 Jul 2018

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Kaci Blaser-Rianda always knew she wanted to be a small business owner so she and her husband took the opportunity to purchase Overland Post in 2016. They love owning a small business in Red Bluff and expressed that the community has been very supportive of their dream. “Word-of-mouth referrals drive business here and being involved in our community is an important part of that.” Kaci is a member of the Downtown Business Association and loves participating in events like Beef N’ Brew. She also values giving back to the community by sponsoring Little League and helping with their children’s school activities. Kaci and her husband are excited to see their business continue growing in Tehama County.

Overland Post is the only FedEx Authorized Shipping Center in town, they are a UPS authorized Shipping Outlet, UPS Access Point, have private mailboxes, as well as a shredding, copy and fax service. They will even custom make boxes to fit hard to ship items like golf clubs, bicycles, car parts, and artwork. Kaci says the oddest thing she has shipped are bees, “...they ship in containers with mesh metal screens for air flow but you can see them so customers get a little spooked.”

Overland Post has been in business for almost 40 years and is located at 859 Washington St, Red Bluff. As a local family owned business they care about every customer and are the go-to resource for packing, shipping, and business service needs of the residents and businesses of Red Bluff. The team of dedicated, professionally trained experts understand the meaning of Super-Star Customer Care—they focus on saving you time and money by ensuring you get the right products and services at the right price—in a single, quick visit.

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