Sparrows Landing Opens in Dairyville with Big Dreams for Business

Sparrows Landing Opens in Dairyville with Big Dreams for Business Main Photo

5 Feb 2018

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Larry and Rhonda Searcy have started a home business in Dairyville selling crafted furniture, art, plants and more! The store is open the first Friday through Saturday of each month and welcomes shoppers in for baked goodies and a friendly atmosphere. The Searcy’s have big dreams for their business! Read more from them below!

"2018 sees us well on our way to building our dream... a business that not only promotes recycling and repurposing materials but also adds beauty and functionality to our lives."

"Our resident wood artist, Larry, offers over 30 years of woodworking and ingenuity in every one of his artsy creations. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, tell him your ideas and allow his creativity to morph your concepts into something you’ll cherish for years."

"Rhonda, our potion goddess, offers organic, wholesome concoctions - from peppers to berries to herbs and spices - will add spice to your life!  She also favors dirt on her hands over diamonds on her fingers, so you’ll most likely catch her in the garden any time of the day and night.  She’s a master barterer and trades plants with neighbors on a regular basis."

"The Spring will bring chicks to the farmette.  Fresh, home-grown eggs will be offered once the flock has matured.  We even plan to have a cute little goat or two to help with the grounds grooming. "

"The goal is to offer our land as a gathering place - weddings, reunions, picnics, and concerts!  Our gardens providing nourishment to our community and beauty to the landscape."

"So that’s our dream in a nutshell. It’s a big dream but a challenge I know we’re up to tackling!"

Ciao for Now!

- The Searcy’s

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