Herrick Grapevines Moves Operations to Tehama County

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23 Dec 2019

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Grape VInesTehama County is welcoming new and expanding businesses to the community regularly. Recently, in hopes of finding a better space, cleaner air and an area unaffected by pesticides, Herrick Grapevines moved operations from locations in Napa and Sacramento Counties to Tehama County. 

Herrick Grapevines was founded by Bob Herrick as a way to meet the demands of the Napa Valley vineyard and winery industry with higher quality grapevines. It succeeded and now supplies grapevines to the entire state of California and to all corners of North America, including Canada and Mexico. The company started as an extension of Cottage Gardens Nursery but soon gained independence due to a high demand for the grapevines. Herrick Grapevines provides custom grafting and field consultations to ensure clients receive the best match of rootstock for their current vineyard needs. Few grapevine nurseries offer such customizable services. 

Bob Herrick partnered with Diego Barison in 2015 to ensure the continued growth and success of the company. Barison has over 25 years of grapevine nursery experience, a Masters in Plant Pathology and extensive knowledge of French, California and Italian varieties of grapevines. 

Tehama County Provides Space and a Clean Environment to Businesses

When Herrick Grapevines expressed interest in consolidating their operations into one location in Tehama County in February of 2019, Caylyn Wright, formerly the Job Development Coordinator of Tehama County Economic Development, immediately got in contact with Herrick Grapevines General Manager, Diego Barison, to provide her assistance. Since then, Tehama County Economic Development has continued to provide aid through a variety of avenues, helping to solidify a smooth move to the community for Herrick Grapevines.     

When asked what spurred Herrick Grapevines to make a move to Tehama County, Barison responded, “Herrick Grapevines decided on a move from St. Helena to Tehama County to gain isolation from the major wine grape and citrus regions in order to avoid pest contamination.”

Barison also noted that Tehama County had an existing facility that was perfect for the company’s needs and that they were able to work with excellent local contractors, plumbers, electricians, and mechanics to develop the space.

“Tehama County Economic Development got us in contact with key representatives of the county to help make the transition smoother,” he continues.  

Tehama County Economic Development Offers Technical Assistance and Workforce Support

After getting in touch with Herrick Grapevines regarding their plans to move operations, Wright coordinated a meeting in Sacramento with Go-Biz, California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, to explore tax credits and incentives for the company. 

“I found Herrick Grapevines really great to work with. They sincerely want to engage with the local community and support existing local businesses,” says Wright of her experience. 

Amanda Jenkins, current Job Development Coordinator of Tehama County Economic Development, connected Herrick Grapevines with USDA Rural Development so they could further explore grant options. Jenkins also connected the business with the Tehama County Job Training Center for staffing assistance and to a community-supported agriculture business that could help boost the company’s sales in the area. 

“I’m thrilled that Herrick Grapevines chose a location in Tehama County to expand their operations. I recently toured the new and improved facilities with Diego and had an opportunity to sit down and talk with him further about Tehama County. His eagerness to learn about our community, schools, events and about fellow agriculture businesses was delightful. Herrick Grapevines will make an excellent addition to our county and I’m so happy to continue working with Bob and Diego to ensure their experience in Tehama County continues to be a positive one,” says Jenkins. 

Herrick Grapevines Positively Impacts the Tehama County Community

Herrick Grapevines has already positively impacted the community by investing five million dollars in the county through property purchases and daily operations. The business, with the help of Tehama County Economic Development, has also created jobs for several locals. 

As a family-run company, Herrick Grapevines is fitting in perfectly with the Tehama County community. 

“We are sensitive to the local community and work to support it. We strive to use local workforce and local suppliers as often as possible to run our operations,” says Barison.  
Tehama County welcomes Herrick Grapevines to the community. To learn more about Herrick Grapevines, please visit www.herrickgrapevines.co

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