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12 Nov 2019

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Written By: Kelley Dolling

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been absolutely enamored with the Field to Fork Tehama, LLC for quite some time. We’ve watched from a distance and have always wanted to try their subscription service. Well, some fierce silent auction bidding helped us turn this long-distance love affair into a full-on committed relationship. Yep. Our first produce box arrived last week and we were downright giddy over the contents. 

Just in case you are NOT familiar with Field to Fork Tehama, LLC, let us back up for a moment. FTFT is a multi-farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that provides members with a weekly box filled with vegetables and fruits that are currently in season. There is also a locally-sourced protein option. It’s all about connecting our community with local farmers and ranchers. Um, hello FABULOUS.
Our excitement over our first shipment really got us thinking about Field to Fork Tehama and we realized we wanted to know more. So, we reached out to FTFT mastermind, Rachelle Gould, to learn additional tidbits about her company and the amazing things her business is doing in Tehama County.
FTFT is a family affair.  That’s right. The whole family is involved in their efforts. Rachelle and her husband, Jake, grew up immersed in agriculture and wanted to continue this tradition with their two children. 

“I wanted our girls to grow up like my husband and I both did – working side by side at a young age with our parents,” shared Rachelle. She continued that this early influence created a sense of pride, instilled a strong work ethic, and created a bit of a legacy for her family. 
The Gould’s two young daughters visit the farms with their mother and help put boxes together. “I really have to watch my youngest daughter, who is three,” laughed Rachelle. “She will eat any vegetable she can get her hands on and will steal items out of the boxes.”

These aren’t your average veggies the Gould’s youngest is interested in either. The great thing about CSA is that there are items you may not normally see at the grocery store. This time of year you will see items such as broccoli, beets, a variety of winter greens, and squash. But, they also have fresh turmeric, romanesca, and fennel which some people might be less familiar with.

When it comes to the protein option, they try to include one larger cut and three smaller cuts.  Think tri-tip roast, bacon, ground turkey, and boneless pork chops. Specialty items such as eggs, coffee, honey, heirloom beans, and more can be added on to your delivery. The best part about all of these items isn’t just the variety and freshness, it’s that ALL produce and proteins are LOCAL. The furthest FTFT has ever traveled to select goods is Chico.

Various suppliers include Kitchel Family Organics, Llano Seco, Garden of Hope, The Pharm, Hooker Creek Farms, and Jefferson Bee Co. Rachelle commented on how well everyone works together. “We believe in collaboration over competition,” she said. “The goal is for us to encourage everyone to support small sustainable farms and to kill the myth that eating locally grown food is more expensive.”
Still on the fence about giving this awesome service a go? Let us just share that our first shipment knocked our socks off.  Our crate was jam-packed with amazing produce and we know exactly where it came from. Our delivery also came with a newsletter, descriptions of all items, and suggested recipes.  We’re sold and downright delighted to be supporting local. 
For more information on Farm to Fork Tehama, LLC, visit their WEBSITE (CLICK ME) or pop over and follow them on FACEBOOK (CLICK ME). It's definitely worth a look-see.

Written By: Kelley Dolling
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