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27 Aug 2019

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Written By: Kelley Dolling
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As we cruise into wedding season, I can’t help but think about the struggles we faced while trying to come up with a viable venue for the June 2010 Dolling nuptials. There only seemed to be a handful of ranches and large community halls available for Tehama County “I Do’s” and they booked out months in advance. Fast forward to 2019. Times have changed during the past decade and magical venues continue to pop up throughout our county. These dreamy locations not only showcase the beauty of our area, but also support the local economy. Travis and I have had the opportunity to attend countless events throughout the region in recent years. So many locations stand out. However, three particular venues have forever captured my heart.

This breathtaking working cattle ranch truly encompasses the heart of Tehama County. Tucked just off Bowman Road, this event oasis is surrounded by never-ending pastures and boasts a perfectly positioned view of Mount Lassen. The setting is only a fragment of what makes this venue so beautiful. It’s the genuine passion pouring out of the Steadman family that makes this ranch stand out among the rest.
Kristi and Dan Steadman had a long history of visiting the Red Bluff area. When Dan wanted to go back to his “roots” of growing up on a cattle ranch, it just made sense for the couple to seek out property in the North State. When they found the perfect ranch, the Steadmans were surprised to learn that it also included an established wedding venue. Once a catering manager (Kristi), the ranch proved to be a perfect fit for the entire family.
Heart S Ranch has been operating since 2016. The venue’s name ties right back into those special “roots” that were mentioned above.
“Before buying the ranch, we created our brand incorporating a heart and the letter S,” offered Kristi. “The Heart S brand is on all of our cattle and it made perfect sense to use this same name for the wedding venue to celebrate all the love that surrounds us.”
Although weddings are the mainstay of the business, Heart S Ranch also hosts private parties, photoshoots, car clubs, showers, and various community fundraisers. Ranches are typically only suitable for summer or “fair-weather” occasions. The unique aspect about this particular “outdoor” venue is that they also maintain a large indoor building that is a perfect for winter office parties, holiday gatherings, and more.
This is so much more than a business for the Steadmans, it’s a way of life. The family and their dedicated staff offer so much more than just a place to party. Every detail is supported with love and precise care. This is not only evident in Kristi’s actions, but in her words.
“The best part of hosting events has to be the special care we give of our brides, grooms, and their guests,” beamed Kristi. “My favorite moment from each wedding happens right before I send a bride and her father down the aisle. We take a quick photo, listen for our cue, and I straighten her train one more time before sending her down to meet her beloved.”
Heart S Ranch // (530) 347-0077
17420 Bowman Road, Cottonwood, CA
For more information or to book, CLICK HERE

**PICTURED ABOVE: Various pictures taken at the mind-blowing Heart S Ranch. Kristi is downright magnificent at helping brides and other venue renters plan the most perfect party. Photos courtesy of Crystal Amen Phtotographyand Parra Photography.

Take a drive out Adobe Road and the landscape changes before your eyes. Dry grass, old oaks, and rolling hills transition into a lush green landscape as soon as you parallel the Sacramento River. Beautiful homes stand magnificently next to the tranquil water to create a vision unlike any other. One home in particular is sharing this picture-perfect setting with others. 
Barbara Bartley established a wedding venue in her mind long before it came to fruition. It was ultimately the collaboration of many creative minds and an impromptu inquiry from a stunning young bride about a riverside wedding/reception location that prompted Bartley to move her feet. It was her “ah-ha” moment so to speak.

“I’ve never had the opportunity to tell this bride how her statement changed my life,” Bartley shared. “I hope I can one day.”
The details are hidden within the name. Bella Casa del Rio means beautiful house on the river. It’s the first thing guests see when they stroll into this hidden venue and it proves to be a stunning backdrop for any event. It also works as a tranquil calming agent – talk about a perfect antidote for a stressful bride to be.
When asked about her favorite event memory, you can’t help but feel that string tug on the ol’ heart just a little. Barbara shared that hosting the wedding of her son still chokes her up a little. 
“My favorite memory was when my son, Jody, came to me and said he would like to get married here,” said Bartley. ”I was so proud to be the mother of the groom, but for my son to want to say his vows at Bella Casa del Rio was icing on the cake.”
Bella Casa del Rio // (530) 200-4262
22441 Adobe Road, Red Bluff, CA
For more information or to book, 

**PICTURED ABOVE: Jody Bartley, Branch Manager of PrimeLending in Red Bluff on his breathtaking wedding day at Bella Casa del Rio. It's pretty neat how things come full circle in this town. I had NO idea that Jody was Barbara's son until I finally connected the dots last week. 

There are really no words to describe the feeling that washes over you when you step into the Bianchi Orchard. It’s warm. It’s inviting. It’s filled with love that you can actually feel. Why? As a family-owned and operated orchard, the passion for the business runs deep. It’s a special connectedness that you can’t buy or recreate . . .
Ray and Annie Bianchi moved to Los Molinos in 1976 and became the proud owners of a 20-acre prune orchard along the Sacramento River. In addition to the couple’s work in local education, they ran the orchard and raised five children. As the family grew, so did the orchard. Today, the Bianchis have 80 acres of walnuts, a quarter-acre vineyard, a darling VRBO guesthouse, and a charming walnut and wine shop/event venue. It’s a large operation, but all five Bianchi children work side by side with their parents to ensure things run smoothly.
“My brother Robbie and I used to create games in the orchard while getting work done,” shared Becky Bianchi, daughter of Ray and Annie. “This started the love we have for the orchard and working together as a family.”
The Bianchi’s walnut and wine shop is tucked inside a restored 1920 barn. This relic, surrounded by 20-acres of Chandler Walnuts, creates the coziest vintage vibe. It was in 2016 that the Bianchi’s realized they had the perfect event setting.
“We love throwing parties,” said Annie Bianchi. “ We wanted to create a beautiful and affordable atmosphere for people to enjoy.”
The orchard can make arrangements for just about any event you can think of - weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, class reunions, celebrations of life, bridal showers, and baby showers. In other words, if people can gather, the Bianchis can AND WILL play perfect hosts. 

Bianchi Orchard // (530) 527-9157
10337 HWY 99E, Los Molinos, CA

For more information about events, CLICK HERE

*PICTURED ABOVE: A handful of Bianchi event/venue photos, a darling family photo, as well as a sweet as all get out throwback photo of Ray and Annie during the early years of the orchard. You may recognize a familiar face in one of those pictures. Kelley co-chaired her 20-year class reunion and the party of her dreams unfolded in the orchard thanks to the Bianchi crew. 

Written By: Kelley Dolling
Dolling Insurance Marketing & Client Outreach

Local Loudmouth Contract Marketing & Social Stuff