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8 Jan 2020

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farm windowMoonBeam Farm is a small organic family farm nestled on ten acres in the fertile valley of Northern California, just outside the town of Corning. This chemical and pesticide free farm specializes in Loofah Sponge and Lavender crops and uses organic and non-GMO seeds and plant stock.

When we met with the owner, Caz, she explained that MoonBeam Farm is one of the few organic heirloom growers of loofah sponges in the United States and there is a significant difference between the organically farm grown loofah and store-bought loofah. Organically grown loofah is much softer and can actually be used on the face since it doesn’t go through the same harsh treatment processes as store bought loofah. The sponges are sold in the on-site country store and through the online Etsy Store. Watch for a new loofah sponge pet line coming soon!

The farm also has over 1,100 Lavender plants with more than 8 varieties and are grown for not only oil but also, culinary use. The country store on the farm is stocked with lavender neck and eye pillows, couch pillows with lavender, bath products, lavender sugar cookie mix and more. Last year was the First Annual Lavender Harvest event with over 35 vendors. Caz felt blessed to welcome more than 1,000 guests to the farm and add this successful event in Tehama County.

During late spring and summer, they are open for farm tours so visitors can experience how loofah and lavender is grown and harvested. There are a variety of classes and events on the farm and a current schedule can be found on their website and Facebook pages.

Shop their Etsy Store today!

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