Haverton Hill Creamery now calls Tehama County home

Haverton Hill Creamery now calls Tehama County home Main Photo

11 Mar 2019

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Missy Adiego knew she wanted her farm right in her backyard so she and her husband could work and raise their three daughters in the country where they can keep the values of a simple and traditional life. So, after eight years in business in the Bay Area the Adiegos set out to find a property to move their dairy business that offered them this lifestyle. In 2018, they found their new home in Richfield, California.

I found out about Haverton Hill Creamery through their Facebook and Instagram pages. After seeing the beauty of this farm through pictures, I could not wait to visit and find out about this amazing business.

Upon arriving I was greeted by Missy and her daughter and welcomed into the most beautiful farmhouse I’ve seen.

On a tour of the farm, I found out about their move and the work they did to get operations running again. Moving production to Tehama County keeps them centrally located for distribution and was attractive because of the reasonable cost for land purchase. Find out about their 1935 Farmhome renovations and move to Tehama County on Missy’s Instagram and blog.

On to the products! Haverton Hill Creamery sells sheep milk and produces sheep milk butter and ice cream. Missy shared that there is often a misconception about the taste of sheep milk being similar to goat milk but it’s actually much different. Goat milk has been described as having a musky taste while sheep milk is creamy and delicious.  I tried the sheep milk ice cream for myself and she was totally right! I was blown away by the taste and texture of this ice cream. The nutritional facts boast a rather healthy ice cream without disappointing the taste buds.

The variety of flavors were impressive as well: Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Balsamic, Mint Chip, Hazelnut Crunch, Coffee and Cookies and Cream. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to it would be between the strawberry and chocolate. All in all, this was one of my favorite visits to a local business for a blog post. Missy was such a kind host and sent me on my way with ice cream to enjoy and share with friends. She’s got a new fan and promoter right here!

Amanda Jenkins, Local Blogger/Vlogger

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More about Haverton Hill Creamery...

Haverton Hill Creamery is owned and operated by Joe + Missy Adiego.  Together along with their three daughters Avery, Hadley + Leary they combine their interest in agriculture, love of animals and passion for good food.  Every family member has a special niche on the farm striving to make their handmade products one of a kind. Products are created in small batches on-site at the creamery allowing you to know your farmer + your food.

From the Adiegos…

Our creamery is located on site of our home in Tehama County.  We produce small batch handmade sheep milk products made to order.  Each product is created and crafted from high-quality sheep milk. Haverton Hill is the only producer of bottled sheep milk in the nation.  Ensuring that we provide the freshest top quality products possible to consumers. Exceptional milk produces exceptional products. Please find details about our sheep milk | sheep milk ice cream | sheep butter on our products page.

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