Conveniently Located

Red Bluff is strategically located on Interstate 5 providing direct one day access between Seattle and Los Angeles.  Locating in Tehama County provides low cost access to California’s built in market of 38 million consumers.

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water sports


Average Wages

Tehama County is an affordable community to live, work, and employ people. By siting a business in Tehama County, employers can reduce labor costs while still paying above average wages for the area, attracting the most dedicated employees.

Commute Time

Tired of sitting in traffic? Locating in Tehama County will alleviate the gridlock stress. Mean travel time to work is only 23 minutes.

Housing Opportunities

Homeownership is affordable in Tehama County. As of January 2015, the average home price was $162,860. California's statewide average home price at that time was $426,790, in Riverside County it was $306,060, and in neighboring Shasta County $216,130.

Recreation Unlimited

Tehama County offers the best outdoor recreation nature has to offer. If there is an outdoor activity you enjoy, you can probably do it in Tehama County.


Tehama County residents have a higher rate of high school graduates when compared to California, with 29% of Tehama County residents holding a high school diploma or equivalency, and 21% of California residents with the same level of education.

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