Business Meetings-Some Tips

Monday, April 16, 2018

Many times a meeting at a business can seem tedious or a waste of time. On the contrary, meetings can be important to the success of a business, if they are done right. Before a meeting is organized determine the correct audience and the objective of the meeting. Is it a brainstorming meeting or a way to get information across to a large group of employees? Pick a meeting time that employees will be the least distracted (avoid Monday mornings or Friday afternoons) and that the majority of those needed can attend. If employees use Microsoft Outlook for email, schedule it via this program. Also pick a time limit and stick to it. Most importantly, have an agenda that doesn’t include too much text. The agenda should be an overview of the topics to be discussed. Share the agenda with meeting attendees prior to the meeting. Be sure there is someone to lead the meeting and that the person keeps meeting attendees on topic.


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