A Unique Festival-Corning Olive Festival

Monday, September 11, 2017

Festivals are plenty throughout the United States, but not many people have been to a festival celebrating OLIVES!

Corning is hailed as the “Center of the Olive Universe.” This year’s Corning Olive Festival will take place October 7 at Corning Skate Park. What is to celebrate when it comes to olives? In Corning, there is a lot. They have been celebrating olives since 1946. At the time there was 9 olive canneries operating in the area.  The week leading up to the festival includes a missing olive contest for kids, think treasure hunt and the treasure is an olive. There is also local food and artisans from the area. Don’t miss the parade and pit spitting contest.

Olive oil and olives, some of the best in the world can be purchased, at the festival. Corning Queen Olives are world renowned. The variety is called “sevillano” because they originated in Seville, Spain. If you stumble across Queen Olives, they were most likely grown in Corning!


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