Strategically Located

Red Bluff is strategically located on Interstate 5 providing direct one day access between Seattle and Los Angeles. Locating in Tehama County provides low cost access to California’s built in market of 38 million consumers, when contrasted with many other areas of California.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 2,962 square miles (7,670 km2), of which 2,950 square miles (7,600 km2) is land and 12 square miles (31 km2) (0.4%) is water. Watercourses in Tehama County include Dye Creek and Payne's Creek. The county is intersected by Sacramento River. A small part of Lassen Volcanic National Park extends into the northeast corner of the county.

Roadway Infrustructure

location mapLocated on Interstate 5 Between Seattle and Los Angeles

Located in the upper Sacramento Region, equal distance from Los Angeles and Seattle, Tehama County is a central hub for both interstate and intrastate highway systems. Interstate 5, which travels from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, bisects the County. State Highway 99E connects Tehama County to the east side of the Sacramento Valley through the communities of Chico, Yuba City, and on to Sacramento. State Highway 36 has connections east to Susanville and on to Reno via State Highway 395, as well as connections to the Pacific Coast to the West. A short distance to the north, via Interstate 5, additional connections to the west (Humboldt Bay) and northeast are provided by State Highway 299 

Commute Time

Tired of fighting traffic? Getting around in Tehama County is simple and hassle free. Average travel time to work is 23 minutes compared to a statewide average of 27 minutes to get to work or 29 minutes in Los Angeles.



Hauling Opportunities through Tehama County Served by Two Single-Track Union Pacific Lines

Tehama County is served by two single-track Union Pacific (UP) rail lines including the primary Union Pacific line between Sacramento and Portland, Oregon.  The main line enters the County from the southeast parallel to Highway 99E, turns north near Red Bluff and exits the County along Interstate 5 at Cottonwood.

The second line (formerly California Northern) is a secondary line that enters the County from the south along Interstate 5 and connects with the primary line at the City of Tehama.

Tehama County is attentive to freight hauling opportunities because of the Union Pacific lines.  A large portion of the county’s industrial land uses are located near or adjacent to the UP mainline.  The County looks at ways to protect and expand rail spurs and service lines to enhance the viability and utility of designated industrial properties.

Policies in the Tehama County General Plan support the retention and expansion of freight-rail opportunities in the County.

airport tehama county


Plenty of Available Runway Space

Tehama County is served by municipal airports in the Cities of Red Bluff and Corning. Both airports have paved runways and plenty of available runway space.

Tehama County is served by the Red Bluff Municipal Airport, owned by the City of Red Bluff. This airport has plenty of available runway space, and averages just under eighty flights per day.

The Redding Municipal Airport (6751 Woodrum Cir, Redding, CA 96002) is conveniently located just 30 miles north of Tehama County via Interstate 5, and offers daily service to San Francisco, Eureka and Portland, Oregon.

The Sacramento International Airport is just over 100 miles from Tehama County via Interstate 5 and provides daily flights throughout the United States as well as internationally from a variety of carriers.

Red Bluff Airport

Corning Airport


Deep Water Ports

Less than 200 miles from two large ports. Tehama County is 130 miles from the Deep Water Port in West Sacramento, and 179 miles from the Deep Water Port in Stockton. 

port sacramento

Port of Sacramento

The inland port of West Sacramento is 79 nautical miles from San Francisco with direct access to Suisun Bay provided via the 40-mile Deep Water Ship Channel, which is maintained at a depth of 30 feet.

port stockton

Port of Stockton

The Port of Stockton can accommodate up to Panamax-size vessels fully loaded sailing at high tide. The Stockton port has no width restriction and will handle 45,000 to 55,000 ton class ships fully loaded. At low tide, the channel depth is 35 feet, and 40 feet at high tide.