Career Technical Education Programs: Corning Union High School District

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corning school districtCareer technical education is the wave of the future, ensuring our students have a marketable skill upon graduation.  Tehama County high schools are committed to preparing students for the job’s of today through their robust career technical education programs.

Corning Union High School District is committed to ensuring that each of their students is ready for any post-secondary opportunity they choose to pursue.  To meet this goal, Corning Union High School District offers a variety of Career Technical Education (CTE) courses designed to introduce students to industry jobs, as well as the entry level skills necessary to acquire those jobs right out of high school or to continue the technical skill development in community college or technical and trade schools.  Corning High School CTE courses have been expanded over time to allow students to take a progression or sequence that includes advanced training and skill development. The sequence of courses in called a CTE pathway.  Some CUHSD advanced CTE courses give students college credit and accelerate their post-secondary training.  Corning High School District’s current CTE courses include classes in the following pathways:

  • Building, Construction, and Trades
  • Business and Finance
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Education, Child Development, and Family Services
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  • Marketing, Sales, and Service
  • Arts, Media, and Entertainment
  • Manufacturing and Product Development

Recently, Corning Union High School District has added manufacturing to its growing list of CTE courses and pathways.  In this new course, students learn the Solidworks software program to design metal components that are then milled on a TORMACH CNC machine. Students have the opportunity to take advanced manufacturing after successful completion of the basic class.  Additionally, students in the Agriculture and Natural Resources pathway now have the opportunity to take Small Engines and Farm Power classes as well as Sustainable Agriculture Biology and Agriculture and Soil Chemistry; two courses meeting university admissions requirements.

Students in the Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation pathway have the option of taking a new advanced CTE course, “Culinary Arts” which follows the introductory course of Foods and Nutrition and includes gaining experience in the restaurant industry.  As part of this course, students learn to provide a “restaurant-like” experience to staff members by running the “CARDS ROCK CAFÉ”. The café offers lunch several times a year to staff members in a restaurant setting.

In thinking of future expansion, plans are being made to transform the current woodworking courses and facility to include skill development in basic construction techniques.  The hope is that within 3 years, students in advanced classes will be able to construct small buildings from the ground up, including basic plumbing and electrical, as well as insulation, sheetrock, texture, and paint.  This program will be phased in culminating with a full construction capstone class and connecting students to building trades apprenticeship programs.

At CUHSD, the hope is that students can gain exposure to many different industries that will spark their interest and allow them to gain the necessary technical skills while in high school to help the North state build its skilled labor force capacity.

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