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Hiring Subsidized Employees in Tehama County

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tehama countyTehama County provides a number of opportunities for employers to hire subsidized employees providing free and reduced cost labor for the business, and essential job training skills for the employee.

These programs are funded through Assembly Bill 74 and Assembly Bill 98, costs covered include participant wages, taxes and workers compensation, staff costs, operating expenses for the facility, equipment, as well as materials and supplies, for those entities who are contracted to administer the programs.

Washington Street Productions, administered through the Job Training Center, is a 30-day employment program aimed at the hardest to serve clients, designed to increase the work participation rate for welfare recipients by providing immediate, meaningful subsidized work.  Generally when clients complete this program they can move on to one of the two other subsidized employment opportunities if they have not secured unsubsidized employment.  Participants in Washington Street Productions find the program is impactful to long-term success and self-sufficiency.  This program addresses barriers and increases job skill development - a high percent of people who complete this program go on to find unsubsidized employment.

Fully subsidized employment is available through Express Employment Professionals for up to six months, with the employee remaining at a single worksite no more than 60 days at a time throughout the six-month period.  The intent of this program is to provide welfare to work participants with various employment opportunities at different worksites throughout the community to expose participants to different types of jobs while also increasing the job skill development of the participants. For more information on hiring subsidized employees through Express contact Randy Hansen, (530) 527-0727.

Subsidized employment opportunities are also available through the Job Training Center for up to one year, the first six months fully subsidized and free of cost to the employer. There is option to extend an additional six months, if the worksite is willing to pay a placement fee equaling 50% of the participant’s wage in months seven through nine, and 75% of the participant’s wage in months ten through twelve.  The Job Training Center will be responsible for invoicing the worksite for the placement fee.  This program, called Work Opportunities Tehama County (WO-TC), is designed to provide paid work experience opportunities for CalWORKs participants that will help assist them in transitioning to public or private sector, unsubsidized employment. These placements may be at public, private, or non-profit work sites. For more information on hiring subsidized employees for up to a year contact Cheryl Carter, (530) 529-7000.




Randy Hansen
Express Employment Professionals
Phone: (530) 527-0727

Cheryl Carter
Work Opportunities Tehama County (WO-TC)
Phone: (530) 529-7000

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