Northeastern California Connect Consortia Visits Rancho Tehama

Monday, October 29, 2018

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In September, Tehama County economic development organized a broadband tour for the Northeastern California Connect Consortia (NECCC) run by Chico State in Rancho Tehama.

Areas throughout California have designated broadband consortia groups, and NECCC covers much of rural Northern California including Tehama County.  The goals of NECCC include creating plans to expand broadband service and access through the region, conducting broadband performance measures to assess current capacity, and helping local government adopt policies that support broadband expansion.  The group was interested in meeting with Rancho Tehama residents to better understand more about their current level of service.

The highlight of the meeting was a discussion around the importance of running CalSpeed tests throughout rural Northern California.  Often Internet Service Providers claim an area is served adequately, when it is not. Grant funding is given to unserved or underserved areas, so rural jurisdictions need to prove we are not adequately served.  The message from NECCC was to download the CalSpeed app, and run the test frequently at different times of the day.

Downloading the app is easy and can be done at:  You can also search “CalSPEED” wherever you get your phone apps from.

The group met in the Rancho Tehama Community Center with a group of involved residents and disused their overall impressions with current Internet service.  Then the group toured the elementary school site, and approximately five locations that could potentially be suitable for broadband infrastructure.


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