Going Beyond Networking: How Tehama County's Chambers of Commerce Support Local Communities

Going Beyond Networking: How Tehama County's Chambers of Commerce Support Local Communities Main Photo

12 Jul 2023


Economic development corporations are tasked with growing the local economy which requires strategic thinking. Two major parts of economic growth and sustainability are local businesses and the individual communities. Assisting in the success of local businesses and community bonding is where chambers of commerce aid in local economic growth and development. Local businesses create local jobs and recycle community dollars. Communities that bond together, build together. 

The Role of the ChamberOption%203

Chambers of Commerce have been an integral part of business and local communities dating back to the 1500s in France and the 1700s in New York, before the United States Chamber of Commerce was created in 1912. 

The main goals of the chamber for businesses: 

  • Promote existing businesses and events within the community
  • Help strengthen existing businesses and community ties
  • Ensure businesses have networking opportunities 

The main goals of the chamber for communities:

  • Refer residents and visitors to local businesses, activities and events
  • Ensure communities have socializing opportunities
  • Support initiatives, projects, and events that reinforce and strengthen the quality of life

Tehama County Chambers

Tehama County’s chambers play a big part in building strong community and business relationships and enhancing cultural tourism with the annual events they sponsor and promote. Representing three of its largest cities, Tehama County has three chambers working separately, yet equally. 

Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber

Being the most populated city in Tehama County, Red Bluff’s chamber (RBTCC) doubles as the city and county’s chamber. Tehama County’s zest for living allows the chamber to create many events throughout the year to keep the residents engaged. The chamber’s event list is packed with fun outings fully supported and attended by residents, visitors, and guests, such as:

  • Wednesday Farmers’ Market - a weekly event to keep the community healthy and involved
  • Good Morning, Red Bluff - a monthly chamber mixer open to members and non-members, where each business owner has the opportunity to speak about their business for 30 secs or less. 

Be sure to review the Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber of Commerce’s events calendar often. 

Corning Chamber

Corning, known as “The Olive City,” offers residents, visitors, and guests more than table olives, thanks to their chamber. While the city is not as big as Red Bluff, it is an eventful place with its own charm to enjoy. The chamber has signature events all look forward to attending:

Be sure to review Corning Chamber’s events calendar to make sure you don’t miss an event you’ll regret. 

Los Molinos Chamber

Surrounding historic Route 99 is Los Molinos, Spanish for The Mills. With its relaxed atmosphere, the Los Molinos Chamber keeps the community active. Annually, Los Molinos celebrates the 4th of July in a big way, and this year was no different. The chamber held the following events: 

Be sure to review Los Molinos Chamber’s event calendar or follow them on Facebook where they promote non-chamber-related activities throughout Tehama County.

A Chamber Member’s ExperiencePasted%20image%200(1)

When Haley DiDio started Tehama Floral Co. in her garage, her goal was to be a brick-and-mortar business. DiDio visited the RBTCC and was “pleasantly surprised at how kind, knowledgeable, and warm” the staff members were. She could truly feel that the chamber wanted to help her business grow and connect it to the community. 

As a 4th generation Red Bluff resident and before becoming a chamber board member, DiDio often checked the chamber’s website for upcoming events. She says, “It’s a great resource for new residents to meet and socialize with their community.” RBTCC puts on events to keep everyone connected and the spirit lively. They also help with the very popular Red Bluff Round-Up

As Haley says, “The Red Bluff - Tehama County Chamber loves our community just like me. I thank them for all of their work to help business owners within our community flourish and local businesses shine. After witnessing their commitment and dedication firsthand, becoming a member was a no-brainer decision.”   

Whether it’s Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber, Corning Chamber, or Los Molinos Chamber, you can’t go wrong attending one or all of their events. Remember to check each event calendar often.