Exploring Tehama County’s Rich Agriculture

Exploring Tehama County’s Rich Agriculture Main Photo

14 Mar 2023


In celebration of National Agriculture Day on March 21, 2023, we are exploring Tehama County’s rich agriculture. National Agriculture Day or AgDay has been nationally recognized for 50 years as of 2023. The purpose is to acknowledge, educate, and celebrate the contribution of agriculture to our everyday lives. According to the AgDay website, “The National AgDay program encourages every American to:

  • Value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy
  • Appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant, and affordable products. 

Agriculture provides almost everything we eat, use, and wear on a daily basis. But too few people truly understand this contribution.”

Olives and Olive Oil

“California produces over 95% of the olives grown in the United States,” - CA Ripe Olives company. “California produces 99% of the olive oil produced in the United States,” - Olive Oil Times and Tehama County carries the weight. Corning, located within Tehama County limits, is California's olive capital. Due to the enormous olive impact, California passed a law as of January 1, 2022, that California’s olive oil manufacturers must label what percentage of their oil is grown outside of California unless it is 100% California grown. 

Olive growers and olive oil manufacturers in Tehama County include:

Sustainable Agriculture in Tehama County

While Tehama County carries the weight of olives grown and olive oil produced in the United States, it is also home to a variety of agricultural commodities. For the past three years, Tehama County’s highest-value crops have been walnuts, almonds, and beef cattle. In 2019 and 2021, table olives and prunes rounded out the top five list. In 2020, apiary products and services, and nursery products rounded out the top five list. 

According to Tehama County’s Crop & Livestock Report 2021, the total crop value was $333,063,800.00. This value is a 26% increase from 2020. Tehama County’s agricultural commodities include:

  • Fruit & Nut Crops
  • Field Crops
  • Seed Crops
  • Vegetable Crops
  • Nursery Products
  • Livestock & Poultry
  • Livestock & Poultry Products
  • Pasture & Range
  • Apiary Products & Services

Fruit and nut crops were responsible for 69% of the overall value in 2021 and are the largest agricultural commodity in Tehama County.

Vineyards and Wineries 

Vineyards and wineries are tourist attractions and Tehama County is two hours away from California’s famous wine region of Napa Valley. Tehama County’s vineyards and wineries offer rich history and culture while adding a luxuriousness to the rustic side of Tehama County. Although Tehama County is home to many wineries, grapes make up less than 1% of Tehama County’s agricultural landscape, yet still, generate over $800K in value.

Tehama County confirms that agriculture is indeed essential to maintaining a strong economy while providing safe, abundant, and affordable products. With Tehama County’s diverse agricultural landscapes, there is little need to outsource beyond Tehama County’s limits. 

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