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24 Feb 2023


Since the Gold Rush era, California has been known as the land of opportunity. In 2022, the Orange County Register reported, “California still leads the nation in new business formation. … California’s economy produced goods and services at a $3.57T annual rate in the quarter making it the number one output among the states and 14% of the U. S. gross domestic product.” These numbers prove California continues to live up to its unofficial slogan of being the land of opportunity. 

Tehama County offers business opportunities with non-site-ready land for construction full of development options, low property taxes, a large workforce, and numerous incentives. Large and diverse businesses all boast sites that benefit from being in Tehama County and having a west coast location. Tehama County also has welding and fabrication shops that partner with local manufacturers. Recycling local dollars and outsourcing local materials help stabilize and enrich Tehema County’s economy while keeping business overhead and expenses lower than projected.

Ample Shipping Options

Shipping costs are reduced when a location offers businesses ample shipping options like Tehama County. Vast shipping options allow shorter delivery times for businesses to get their materials and customers to get their goods:

  • Land - Tehama County surrounds Interstate 5 offering a one-day’s travel to Seattle or Los Angeles, and two single-track Union Pacific rail lines. 
  • Air - Two airports with plenty of available runway space, Red Bluff Airport and Corning Airport, and two more airports less than 100 miles away, Redding Municipal and Sacramento International
  • Water - Less than 200 miles from the Deep Water Ports of Sacramento and Stockton.

Plant Your Business Roots and Grow

PJ Helicopters and Sierra Pacific Industries are two very different entities with similar foundation stories starting as family businesses. While both businesses started quite small, they have grown into large entities becoming household and business-familiar names. 

PJ Helicopters has been in business for 53 years and counting. According to their website, PJ Helicopters started as a small agriculture spraying business working from the Red Bluff airport ramp with two pilots and two airplanes. Since then, they added more helicopters to their fleet and expanded to power line work, pipeline support, construction & external loads, firefighting, law enforcement, U. S. forest service contracts, and more.

Sierra Pacific Industries became a corporation in 1969 as a forest products company. Since then, their business expanded globally selling their products with two locations remaining in Tehama County. Their business also expanded in commodities with Sierra Pacific Windows just a few steps away from Tehama County. 

Walmart’s Distribution Center is a shining example of businesses not having to start in Tehama County to plant roots and grow in Tehama County. When the distribution center opened, it embraced Tehama County’s workforce and expanded its utility network into renewable energy with its first wind turbine in 2012. This move was a large step toward sustainability and confirmation the distribution center was here to stay!

Sites and Land Availability

Relocation and expansion are possible in Tehama County. With over 24K workers starting at age 16, our workforce is strong. The cost of living is lower than in Sacramento. Sales tax is 3% lower than Los Angeles County and traffic warrants a less than 30-minute commute anywhere within county limits. Business incentives range from federal, state, and local including workforce programs. We have space and land available for your business to join our good life:

Contact Tehama County Economic Development to help get the process started or for general inquiries regarding growing your business at or 530-527-4655.

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