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20 Jul 2022


It’s Park and Recreation Month - the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that Tehama County has to offer! We have ample recreation options that make our county an incredible place for families, businesses and outdoor adventurers.

Why We Celebrate Park & Recreation Month

As economic developers, we understand the important role parks and recreation play in our community. They are essential for local residents having a high quality of life and for new families looking for a place to live. With tourism being an economic driver, parks and recreation help increase tourism by opening themselves to sporting events, concerts, and other outings. When visitors come as event spectators and concert goers, they often spend money at local restaurants, gas stations and brick-and-mortar stores. Yes, parks and recreation benefit residents and visitors alike. 

This year, we are honoring parks and recreation employees and staff, from volunteers to full-time to government employees sitting in offices year-round. “The services that park and recreation professionals provide are vital for our communities - from protecting open space and natural resources to helping fight obesity and providing activities and resources for all people.” - National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)

Come Outside with Tehama County

From Corning to Manton, whether you are a resident or visitor, Tehama County has outdoor adventures waiting for you. Below is a short list of activities to do before the summer ends and after thanks to California’s sunshiney weather.

Corning Skate ParkCorning

Corning is a two-time grant awardee of CA’s Dept of Parks and Recreation’s Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program. In 2010, Corning was awarded $4.28 million to acquire property and construct a new park. With those funds came Corning Community Skate/Bike Park. It is the city’s first, 22k square foot, wheel friendly skate/bike park full of swells and hills for any wheel-trickster at heart. Helmets are required. As a spectator of the arts, this is the perfect place to sit on the spaced-out green and watch the skaters and bikers create magic. 

In December 2021, Corning was awarded an $8.5 million grant to construct a recreation center, splash pad and city plaza. This area will take up 1.79 acres of space and is destined to give new life to downtown while enhancing the life of local residents. 

If you would rather be immersed in nature, visit Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area and Tehama County River Park at Woodson Bridge.


For fruit-of-the-vine wine tasting and spiritual uplift, plan a visit to New Clairvaux Vineyard. Though not your usual recreational space, the winery and church tours are worth experiencing.

Los Molinos

For family reunions, class reunions, or company picnics, visit Mill Creek Park. This park has over 30 acres of space along the Sacramento River with designated areas for a playground, volleyball, tennis, softball, soccer, and even a little league field. 


The city of Tehama is known as the “Little City of Big Trees.” Tehama’s quaint parks are perfect for family outings, small group parties, nature walks, or a friendly sporting match. Habert Park and Belbeck Park both have playgrounds and picnic areas. 

  • Habert Park - ball field and barbecue area
  • Belbeck Park - basketball and tennis courts

Red Bluff

Red Bluff has eight parks and recreational spaces covering 90 acres of open space for public use. Red Bluff is a city full of life that loves community and community gatherings. You can always find something going on to participate and enjoy in Red Bluff. Check out their parks and rec website for more location information. 

For the upcoming Red Bluff Brew Battle, check out their Facebook page and plan to attend. 


No time like the present to start planning a staycation or vacation to Manton, CA for the first Saturday in October. The Manton Apple Festival is a day-long extravaganza dedicated to apples. Expect to taste the best apple pies and find the most unique apple-designed treasures from local vendors.

Manton is also Tehama County’s wine country. If you prefer the fermented juice of grapes, plan a weekend in Manton to visit our two vineyards. Alger Vineyards and Indian Peak Vineyards are close to one another. However, each vineyard deserves its own day of attendance. 

Go Outside and Take a Friend

We encourage you to get outside, explore, do something new and take a friend with you. Tehama County’s parks and rec departments do an excellent job providing opportunities for community members and visitors to enjoy themselves. Share this article and social media posts as you, friends and family enjoy yourselves this summer!

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