Community and Tourism: It’s All About Active 20-30

Community and Tourism: It’s All About Active 20-30 Main Photo

3 May 2022


In keeping with the United States Travel Association, we are recognizing the week of May 1 - 7, 2022, as National Travel and Tourism Week. Tourism is a major contributor to any area’s economic growth. In conjunction with this week’s recognition we are spotlighting Active 20-30 Club.

“Active 20-30 is a service organization, made up of men and women in their 20's and 30's who have a passion for improving the lives of children in their communities. These emerging leaders serve local kids through hands-on work and fundraising,” -

Our local chapter, Active 20-30 Club of Red Bluff #455, is often considered Tehama County’s behind-the-scenes tourism crew. While residents and visitors attend city and county-wide events, members of Active 20-30 volunteer as ushers, cashiers, announcers, judges, the list goes on. Active 20-30 also lends many hands with promotions, set-up and clean-up. Such acts of support and kindness come from Active 20-30’s pride and determination for our community to do well. Successful events prompt returning tourists. Returning tourists equals economic growth. 

“The children are our future,” - Whitney Houston. When children witness and understand how rich in unity their community is, as adults they remain or return to their roots. Active 20-30 reinforces the ideology by focusing the majority of their volunteering efforts creating youth-geared events and attending schools to reach and teach Tehama County’s future leaders.

Doing Better in Tehama CountyWe had a quick chat with the president of Active 20-30 Club of Red Bluff #455, Courtny Abbassisharghi (3-year member) and here’s what she had to say.

Does Active 20-30 Club of Red Bluff #455 service only Red Bluff or all of Tehama County?
“All of Tehama County.”

Socializing and networking are key factors in who Active 20-30 is. How do you stay involved with the community and serve the children throughout the year?
“We participate in lots of youth-oriented events along with Spooktacular, Sober Grad and Good Morning Red Bluff Socials. We will volunteer for countless things when asked. We are more about man-power than monetary donations. Let us dig a hole for you!”

About how many hours per week are donated per member? 
“Oh wow, that’s a loaded question. I think it’s close to a part-time job for me, the president. But it’s hard to say because we have on and off seasons. I’m also in charge of our social media, and so I feel I put in at least two hours a day for certain events - from answering questions to making social media posts. As for general members, we meet once a month, usually an hour long meeting and events are anywhere from four to six hours, so it’s pretty minimal.”

There are many CA chapters of Active 20-30 and some not too far from Red Bluff. Does the Red Bluff chapter ever combine forces with other local chapters?
“Yes! Chico and Redding, regularly.”

How does one become a member of Active 20-30, Red Bluff Chapter? 
“You must attend a meeting, fill out an Intent to Join form and complete a requirement checklist before becoming a member.” 

If age 40 and up, can one join as a background or support-only member?
“Ages 40 and up can support us by attending our events, following our social media pages and like/comment/share our social media posts.”

Active 20-30Do you accept monetary donations? If so, where can they be sent?
“Our club likes to put on fun, new events in the community. The funds we raise and donations we receive go back into the youth of Red Bluff and Tehama County. Monetary donations, payable to Active 20-30, can be sent to PO Box 1204, Red Bluff, CA 96080.”

Thank you so much for your time and willingness. Is there anything you’d like to add as we conclude our chat?
“20-30 is a stepping stone for young adults who want to get involved in the community. Not a lot of rules, not a lot of money to participate. You can be as involved or not involved as you choose to be. This club is for true Red Bluff residents who want to make a difference and see Red Bluff and Tehama County thrive.”


Active 20-30 helps to keep Tehama County’s long-standing events alive. Whether it’s the Cowboy Golf Tournament, the Red Bluff Round-up, or their own Cornhole Tournament, we appreciate our Active 20-30 Club and their energy. Support them by donating, attending events and following their Facebook page.

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