Tehama County is an Excellent Place to Work Remotely

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1 Oct 2020


The number of people working from home has risen significantly since the pandemic began. As the virus spreads, many people have decided it is in their best interest to work from home permanently. In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that approximately 24% of all working Americans worked remotely at least part of the time. In 2020, 42 percent of the U.S. labor force now works from home full-time due to the pandemic, as surveyed by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

This impressive shift to working from home comes with pros and cons. Many large corporations are seeing that transitioning employees to remote work may actually be a financially appropriate option. Corporations can save money on real estate and property tax costs, and employees can save money and time without the need to commute. 

Many remote workers desire to relocate from populated, overpriced metros to smaller, more affordable cities. As remote work becomes a new reality for many, the question at hand is: “Where is the best place to live and work remotely?”

Reasons to Relocate to Tehama County as a Remote Worker



The cost of living in Tehama County is lower than many other popular towns in California. The cost of living in Red Bluff is significantly lower than the cost of living in San Francisco. As of May 2017, the average home price in Tehama County was $203,000, compared with a statewide average of $550,200. Real estate is flourishing and desirable homes are on the market at affordable prices. 


Coffee Shops and Restaurants

Local shopping and dining options abound in Tehama County. Red Bluff’s Downtown   area offers a vibrant atmosphere with a variety of coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries to choose from. Many of the local dining options and hang out spots offer internet access. Remote workers frequent these locations for a change of scenery on any given work day, but as with many businesses right now, hours and operations may currently be different due to COVID-19. 



The Sacramento International Airport is just over 100 miles from Tehama County, giving locals the option to travel at their leisure. Major cities like Los Angeles and Seattle are only a day’s drive away when there’s a need to travel for work or play. 



Remote work sometimes requires long days of sitting indoors. Tehama County has the perfect climate and location for a variety of recreational opportunities on those coveted days off. Tehama County has over 300 miles of trails including 17 miles of the famous Pacific Crest Trail. The county is also home to several beautiful parks where remote workers can work outside. Residents enjoy hiking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and mountain biking among other outdoor activities in the expansive and breathtaking Tehama County landscape. View all recreational opportunities here.  


Healthy Living

Tehama County has an abundance of healthy living resources. Red Bluff and Corning both have a high walk score, meaning residents can accomplish most errands on foot. For those seeking to minimize their carbon footprint, this is an ideal location. 

Local grocery stores provide a wide selection of healthy foods to residents, and restaurants serve entrees that cater to a variety of special dietary needs. Tehama County is home to multiple gyms, family fitness centers and yoga studios that make maintaining fitness easy. 

Tehama County is a beautiful place to live and work. Remote workers can easily get involved with the supportive community. There are many opportunities to socialize and to support local businesses while respecting social distancing protocol. Internet access is reliable and widely available in popular areas of housing. 

To learn more about the benefits of relocating to Tehama County as a remote worker, visit Why Tehama County.

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