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28 Jan 2020

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What started as training athletes in a home gym is now a dream come true for Competitive Edge Athletics Owner, Gary Moniz. Gary has been involved in weight training and athletics for over 30 years and has coached youth, high school and collegiate athletes for over 12 years. After a little push from eager friends who wanted to participate in the training, Gary followed his passion further and started his own smalltown gym in Red Bluff in 2015. He wanted to create a space where anyone entering his gym would feel comfortable working out no matter the experience level, and he has done just that. One of his students said, “Gary is an awesome coach! Very motivating atmosphere. CEA has done a great job making a workout family no matter your fitness level.”

Gary has truly created a team environment with his classes that fosters friendly competition and strives for improvement for each one of his trainees. He adjusts and designs workouts based on the individual’s goals and needs. “I want to have a good relationship with the people I train. I love giving a personal touch to the workouts and being a small gym ensures that quality service and training.” Gary said.

Gary specializes in athletic training and often trains golfers, distance runners, softball, football, and lacrosse players, and even law enforcement. He loves being a mentor and training youth. Mentors had a very positive impact in his life growing up and he wants to pass that on. One of the parents of a trainee said, “[Gary is] super awesome at working with teens. He has helped to maximize my daughter's potential in her athletics and stamina. As well as boosting overall confidence!”

To find more information on classes, training offerings and more, visit their website or Facebook!

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