Robotics meet goes off without a glitch

Friday, February 22, 2019

RED BLUFF — The final competition for the NorCal Vex Robotics league was held at Red Bluff High School.

“Two of the three Red Bluff teams advanced to the quarter finals,” said robotics instructor Stan Twitchell. “I thought that was great, being our first year and all.”

Each team built and programmed a robot to compete. They run on software programmed by students, which allows them to complete tasks, though they can receive commands via a remote controller.

The robots are given three tasks that must be completed. They have to spin a switch on a pole using a ball-launch mechanism, climb onto a raised platform and flip large plastic discs using an arm.

When judging the robots based on technical skill, students are not allowed to control them. The robot must complete the three tasks based solely on how it is programmed. After this test, a student from each team gets to use a controller to command the robot to showcase the physical mechanics.

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