Supervisor's Corner with Bob Williams and Steve Chamblin, Summer 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

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This quarter’s issue of Supervisors Corner has a new twist added, as Supervisor Steve Chamblin has joined the fray and we begin to write a joint column for the Tehama County Economic Development newsletter.  As we talked about how to construct this column and the things we would talk about, we realized that, as a new member of the TCED Ad Hoc Committee, Steve has a lot of catching up to do in regards to our past and current activities with TCED.  That being said, we have decided not to rehash what the TCED team has done in the past, but to rather focus on what is currently in the works and what our future plans may be.

Let us begin by saying what a great job that our team of Caylyn Wright and Amanda Jenkins has been doing for Tehama County.  Local folks have probably run into Amanda as she makes her way across the county, interviewing business people, attending events and doing Facebook Live videos with her sidekick Mandi Owens and their “#2MandisOnAMission” project.  If you haven’t seen one of their videos, be sure to check it out.

Caylyn has been keeping herself busy as well, meeting with economic development professionals in Glenn and Butte counties, as well as her contacts in Sacramento to discuss business and financing opportunities that will open doors to economic development in Tehama County.  One item of note here is that the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC), of which Tehama County is a member, has just recently hired Barbara Hayes as their Director of Economic Development.  Ms. Hayes has an extensive resume in the area of economic development and Caylyn was one of the first to meet with her to discuss ideas for Tehama County.

Our team is also currently in discussions with staff of 3Core Economic Development Corporation in Chico to talk about ways that 3Core may be able to assist with financing for infrastructure, business start-up and expansion.  Tehama County used to be a member agency with 3Core, but had to drop our membership due to budget concerns.  Budgets are even tighter now, but with the desire to improve our economic base in the county, perhaps this is something that deserves a second look by the Board of Supervisors.

On another note, we continue to work with our Planning and Public Works departments to develop criteria for the South Avenue corridor.  While we have completed the M-1 (manufacturing, light industrial) zoning designation for this area, we still have work to do with infrastructure, traffic and encroachment on to South Avenue.  This area is included in the new Federal “Opportunity Zone” designation, so the sooner we get everything worked out, the sooner we may see things begin to happen along that stretch of Tehama County.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding a candid discussion at the Tehama County Administration building with USDA Rural Development (USDA-RD) California State Director Kim Vann on August 10.  This meeting will include key staff from the Governor’s Office of Business (GoBiz), California Office of Economic Development (CalED), RCRC Economic Development and leaders from a vast cross section of business and industry in Tehama County.  The morning session will be by invitation only, with the discussion focused on regulations, barriers to business development and expansion, as well as recommended solutions.  After lunch, Director Vann will open the meeting to the public for a press conference and discussion about opportunities and programs that USDA-RD has to offer. We are looking forward to a worthwhile and active discussion as we continue our work to provide higher wage jobs and opportunities for the people of Tehama County.     

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