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20 Dec 2021

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As we close out 2021, our second pandemic year, in the midst of the holiday shopping season, this is a good time to remind shoppers to always shop local. Shopping locally kept many businesses afloat throughout 2020, allowing them to reopen when California gave the green light to do so. 

Benefits of Shopping Locally

Shopping locally benefits the community more than some may realize. When residents and visitors shop local they:

  • Reduce environmental impacts by decreasing the amount of fuel and fewms from transportation and waste from packaging
  • Create jobs allowing residents to enhance their work-life balance
  • Help generate an identity for the community
  • Recycle their dollars back into the community
  • Encourage innovation and support entrepreneurship

When the community shops local, businesses are able to:

  • Retain and recycle community dollars by buying from other local businesses
  • Support and fund nonprofit & not-for-profit organizations
  • Build a personal connection with their customers
  • Provide more in-depth product knowledge
  • Carry unique products & cater to their demographic
  • Offer lower pricing due to lower overhead
  • Offer better customer service 

End the Year with a Shopping Bang

Holiday Shopping in TehamaSince the holiday season is the biggest shopping season of the year, here are a few stores where you may find some uncommon and exceptional gifts:

These stores provide very different shopping experiences right in your community. Personalized items are always the gift that keeps on giving. Organic items (MoonBeam Farms) are great for the environment and self-care. You can’t go wrong with $5 jewelry.

Don’t forget to visit Red Bluff and downtown Red Bluff, the city bustling with variety. You can also find products made locally on our local products page.

Also, gift cards help local businesses as well. If you plan to shop and are unable to find something for that someone, a gift card is the best way to go. 

Remember, shopping locally includes restaurants. 

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