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20 Dec 2021

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They were the Grand Marshal of Downtown Red Bluff’s Christmas Parade and now here is your chance to learn about Tehama Creatives, their vision, drive, and goals. 

Tehama Creatives (left to right): Carl Avery, Heather Griffin-Vine, Lacy Wilson, Athena Dyer, Phillip Moller & Kevin Skahan (Toni Gaylord, not pictured)

Who are Tehama Creatives?

Tehama Creatives are, as named, artistic residents showing their creativity within Tehama County. More specifically, Red Bluff. What started as a Facebook group for local artists has turned into a movement. A beautifully artistic movement. As they continue to build the foundation, their goal is to create The Arts District in Red Bluff where any ARTS will be accepted and supported.

A Conversation with Heather Griffin-Vine

To learn more about Tehama Creatives, we had a chat with one of their co-founders. Here’s what she had to say! 

What is your name and position/role with Tehama Creatives?

  • Heather Griffin-Vine. I am the co-founder and director of Tehama Creatives.

How did Tehama Creatives come to be and when was it established?

  • Athena Dyer and I started a Facebook group two and a half years ago as a place for local creatives to share work and connect with other local creatives. The main objective was to start a community of creatives in Red Bluff in hopes it would start an art vibe in town. It worked out way beyond our dreams!

Tehama Creatives seem dedicated to Red Bluff. Why so much Red Bluff love?

  • We believe in Red Bluff, you can effect change. With the right intentions, dedication, and team, you can make anything happen. We set out to cultivate a rich culture of the arts in Red Bluff that previously did not exist yet was right on the surface. We planted seeds and continue to water them with the support and help of our community and city members. Half of TC’s creative leaders are natives to Red Bluff. The others are not. We are raising our families here so we want to help foster the kind of community we want our kids to grow up in and hopefully, they will raise their families here and start businesses as well. 

Is Tehama Creatives a non-profit organization? Do you charge businesses for your work or do you only accept donations?

  • We are fiscally partnered with the Tehama Economic Development who is a non profit. We operate differently for each job. We are able to contract local artists to do jobs and we also volunteer our time for some jobs to use the money to fund other public art projects such as the Wild Art Horses of Red Bluff. We operate a lot on donations which we then use to purchase paint and items needed to do our jobs such as ladders, projectors, and supplies. 

From the business aspect, what are the benefits of being a non-profit type of business in Red Bluff and Tehama County?

  • The benefit of being fiscally partnered with TED as a non-profit is our focus gets to stay on the mission of creating change through art. We get the opportunity to contract local working artists in our community, apply for grants, and have assistance with our finances/bookkeeping.

What reason would you give another nonprofit type of business to open or relocate to Red Bluff?

  • We believe operating as we do as a type of service club/non-profit, the community can clearly see our intentions, and that is to cultivate the arts in Red Bluff. When your mission is clear and everyone benefits from it, getting supporters and funding comes much easier.

Are Tehama Creatives as a group or one of the members responsible for the murals in Corning? Have Tehama Creatives displayed their work in other cities and communities within Tehama County?

  • No, we did not take part in the amazing murals in Corning. One of our members has painted in Los Molinos. We are really focused on building the foundation of The Arts District in Red Bluff at the current moment. But, with that said, of course we are always open to art happening anywhere!

Are the murals and artwork inspired by the artist, the request, or both?

  • Both. Depending on the job, if we create the designs completely, or work with the building owner at their direction. For the murals we put out, we take huge responsibility in  making sure the content is palatable for the majority of the community and try to reflect our nature and history. 

What would you say to someone who dismisses the beautiful art created as mere street graffiti? Is graffiti a negative term to Tehama Creatives?

  • We all know art is subjective. This is not a new concept. The beauty of the ARTS is that we all get the freedom to decide how it makes us feel. In no way is graffiti a negative term to us, it's a style of art. A lot of the graffiti artists in town are so incredibly talented. It’s unfortunate that a lot of it ruins private, public, and city spaces/property in the process and some comes with negativity attached to it.

How do the members feel when the public sees a Tehama Creative piece for the first time?

  • We have amazing support and excitement for what we are doing. This is the fuel that feeds our fire - the response and support we receive from the community and the city. We feel a huge sense of pride and change when we complete a piece in town. We know each piece of public art that gets put up is one step closer to a rich and diverse culture in The Arts District of Red Bluff.

Is there anything you’d like to add or address that I may have missed?

  • Communities gain cultural, social, and economic value through public art. Public art is a distinguishing part of our history and our evolving culture. It reflects and reveals our society, adds meaning, and provides a uniqueness to our communities. Public art humanizes the constructed environment and invigorates public spaces. It provides an intersection between time, disciplines, and ideas. Through art, we hope it encourages future generations to raise their families here and start new businesses. Public art in Red Bluff fosters community pride, creates jobs, and brings tourism. More creative displays can only enhance the uniqueness.

Lastly, fresh off of the Grand Marshal position at Downtown Red Bluff’s Christmas Parade, is there anything happening in December for the holidays? What’s next for Tehama Creatives?

  • What a ride that parade was! This month, there is nothing on tap in the public eye. The weather is not the best for muraling. However, inside, we do not stop. We should begin the installation next month of the Wild Art Horses of Red Bluff to be all downtown. We also have lots of projects in the making for 2022, so follow us and keep up with the action!

If you’d like to donate to Tehama Creatives, you may do so with checks made payable and delivered to Tehama Economic Development at their Main street office. Don’t forget to mention Tehama Creatives on the memo line.

If you’d like to learn more about Tehama Creatives, please check their website or Facebook page.

Economic development is more than just jobs and real estate. It’s enhancing the quality of life for all residents and Tehama Creatives are a wonderful example. In such a short time, Tehama Creatives made a powerful, economic impact on Red Bluff and Tehama County.