Tehama Rural Area Express Trolleys and New Fleet Additions Bring Charm and Convenience to the County

Tehama Rural Area Express Trolleys and New Fleet Additions Bring Charm and Convenience to the County Main Photo

23 Feb 2021

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Tehama County welcomes two new trolleys to the county. The charming and old-fashioned style Tehama Rural Area Express trolleys can transport 24 riders at a time and accommodate four wheelchairs. 

The trolleys will run along the Red Bluff TRAX routes and will also support special events as shuttle vehicles when needed. 

“The trolleys were provided for with funding from the Federal Transit Administration through the Rural Transit Assistance Program - 5311, which supports public transportation in rural areas with populations less than 50,000 in incorporated cities.  These transit funds help support populations where many residents rely on public transit to reach their destinations,”says Jessica Riske-Gomez, Transportation Manager of the Tehama County Transportation Commision.

“Formula grants are transit funding opportunities passed from federal to state to local governments. Formula grants use population counts based on census data to calculate the eligibility of applicants and the distribution of funds,” she continues.  

The Tehama County Transit Agency Board has also gained three type A buses and one type E large bus in addition to the two trolleys. The new fleet will provide transportation opportunities to areas all over the county. 

Tehama Rural Area Express Trolley SeatingThe two of the type A buses are dedicated to the ParaTransit program. This program supports the mobility needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. One of the type A buses is dedicated to supporting the Rancho Tehama residents. 

The type E Large bus will be dedicated to the Glenn Tehama Connect route. This bus will increase rider capacity to 28 individuals, and it will offer two wheelchair positions. 

“TRAX is fare-free currently due to an influx of additional transit funding through the CARES Act. We anticipate that we will continue to be fare free at least until July of 2024. Any of the buses, including the trolleys, are available for transportation to Tehama County residents free of charge,” reports Riske-Gomez.

In a time of uncertainty due to COVID-19, the Tehama Rural Area Express Trolleys, the other new additions to the transportation fleet and the free fares will boost local morale and empower mobility throughout the county. 

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