Co-op business concept takes root in Red Bluff

Co-op business concept takes root in Red Bluff Main Photo

2 Mar 2020

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SIP Coffee Bar, Boar Hunter BBQ and The Shabby Cafe have found a cost effective way to launch their brick and mortar businesses and they are embracing the co-operating concept. 

If you haven’t tasted the deliciousness coming from 723 Walnut Street, you’ve got to check it out. Between SIP’s coffee and bakery items, Boar Hunter’s delicious BBQ and Shabby Cafe’s salad bar, your day is set. Need some meal prepping done for the next few days? They’ve got you covered!

coffeeLet's dive into specific culinary offerings. 

SIP does everything they can to control the quality and flavor of their coffee down to making their own sauces. They are constantly playing with flavors and coming up with new drink ideas to “WOW” their patrons and generally have two special flavors featured when you visit. Baked items include things like scones and cookies that also feature special flavors. Hot items like breakfast burritos (featuring tri-tip from Boar Hunter BBQ) and egg bites are some of the fan favorites!

Kristina and Cheri started SIP Coffee Bar to offer a place people could slow down, connect and build relationships. Sip stands for slow, intentional and purposeful. What a great concept and a cozy place to sit down and enjoy a cup of JOE!

chicken lollipopsBoar Hunter BBQ has been catering events for quite some time but moving into a brick and mortar business has really given Jeff the chance to experiment and produce pretty mouth-watering eats! From BBQ Chicken Lollipops (BACON-WRAPPED!) and Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese (or even PIZZA!) to THE BOSS, a sandwich with smoked pork belly and tri-tip with tomato and onion on a potato roll, you can’t go wrong here for lunch or dinner. The BIG BOSS is available for the meat lovers who want to add pastrami to the mix!

The Shabby Cafe has a great salad/potato bar and you can top your creation off with meat from Boar Hunter BBQ! Satisfy your sweet tooth at the frozen yogurt and soft serve bar or check out the KETO-FRIENDLY options too!

Operating out of the same building and sharing the operating costs that come with a brick and mortar business has helped these three businesses launch and has given them the unique ability to work together sharing ideas, recipes and as you've heard here, even products. They are truly embracing the co-op concept to make your experience in their establishment one-of-a-kind! Head in to 723 Walnut Street and support these local businesses!

(Edit since publishing...SIP Coffee Bar has expanded and can be found at 905 Walnut Street, the former Scoops building! During this time of social distancing they are open for drive-thru customers only.)

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