Tehama County: a Vibrant Agricultural Community Full of Opportunity

Tehama County: a Vibrant Agricultural Community Full of Opportunity Main Photo

12 Feb 2020


Red Bluff

Picture Credit: Dan Massie

Tehama County is a strong agricultural community with a vibrant take on daily life. Many small to midsize manufacturing companies make their home here due to the affordability, accessibility and the receptive local business community. The opportunities for arts, recreation and simpler living foster a sunny disposition and contented way of life for residents. The county is made up of culturally diverse communities like Red Bluff, Corning, Manton, Los Molinos and Tehama. 

What makes Tehama County special

Receptive business community

The businesses that call Tehama County home love to welcome new companies and individuals to the area. While consumerism remains strong and profitable, the local business owners are open to collaboration with others. Co-location, building sharing and product sharing are some of the things these businesses do exceptionally well. 

Available development property

Businesses will find plenty of available land and properties for development in Tehama County, ranging in size to fit their needs. There are opportunities for business expansion, new business locations, former business renovations and more, conveniently located all in one place here. 


Red BluffTehama County is centrally located with easy access to major highway systems like Interstate 5, which travels from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, and State Highway 99E, which takes travelers through Chico, Yuba City and on to Sacramento.. The county is in the upper Sacramento Region, placing it equal distance from both Los Angeles and Seattle. It  is also located halfway between Sacramento and Oregon. State highways connect Tehama County to other large cities and the Pacific Coast.  

The county is served by two single-track Union Pacific rail lines and two municipal airports, one in Red Bluff and one in Corning. The Sacramento International Airport is less than two hours from Tehama County. 

Picture Credit: Dan Massie


The cost of living in Tehama County is much less expensive than in nearby California capital, Sacramento, and the popular San Francisco Bay Area. The community fosters a more rural way of life-- with plenty of local markets full of affordable goods and products to choose from. Housing is also priced well below the state average. 

This translates to reduced labor costs and higher wages for businesses. 

Ready workforce

A young and eager workforce awaits you in Tehama County. The county is made up of mainly young families, opening the door to trained and educated youthful professionals looking for work opportunities. Many people are also moving from nearby cities like Sacramento in hopes of finding a simpler way of life in rural Tehama County. 

81% of the county’s residents have a high school diploma or higher education and a strong educational foundation. The county offers a long list of workforce programs to build skills and provide training for future employees. The area boasts a low employee turnover rate, proving that the local workforce is loyal and dedicated.  

Recreational hotspot

While Tehama County is the ideal location for many work opportunities, it is also a great place to live and play. The area is a recreational hotspot. The Sacramento River bisects the county and the Red Bluff River runs through it as well. The county has over 300 miles of trails including 17 miles of the famous Pacific Crest Trail. 

Lassen Volcanic National Park is partially located in Tehama County and the stunning Mount Shasta is nearby. There are year-round opportunities for snowshoeing, horseback riding, hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and more. 


Bianchi Orchards The rural and agricultural spirit of Tehama County fosters the perfect setting for agritourism. Many of the local farms, wineries and ranches welcome visitors for educational tours, outdoor recreation opportunities, festivals and dances, wine tastings, farmstays and on-farm interactions and direct sales. These events allow visitors and residents to see what really goes on behind the scenes in the agricultural community so that they might grow to appreciate and support it more fervently.  

Arts and culture 

The downtown areas of Tehama County foster an appreciation for arts and culture. Unique boutiques, restaurants, museums and art galleries draw in visitors and bring attention and business to local artists and entrepreneurs. Tehama County is persistently working to support the local arts and provide a place for it in daily life. The photo was taken at Bianchi Orchards.

Choose Tehama County

Tehama County is full of opportunity. The location provides affordable access to the rest of the thriving state of California, while at the same time keeping a more rural, relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the local community. To learn more about why Tehama County is the ideal location for new or expanding businesses, click here.   


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