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6 Feb 2020

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After we found the best craft beer spots in Tehama County we set our sights on what naturally pairs with a good beer...burgers! We talked to locals and tried many burgers to find the best of the best and found many Tehama County restaurants are doing it right. There were too many good burgers to pick just one.

Let’s start with what we’ll call the “Writer’s Favorite”. The Palomino Room makes a mean Western Bacon BBQ burger! The patty is perfectly cooked with towering onion rings and one of the best BBQ sauces I’ve tasted.

While talking with locals we found our “Top Hits” which included M&M Ranch House and From the Hearth. With resident excitement about the burger from M&M Ranch House we couldn't wait to try it. The burger is called “The Ringer” (pictured right) and is on a pretzel bun, topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce with bacon added. It was delicious and the pretzel bun was such a unique touch.  From the Hearth Cafe is one of my favorite places to take my iPad, hop on their Wifi and get some work done with a nice cup of joe, and locals love their burgers! The Cali Burger came out on top so be sure to stop in and give it a try. Also worth noting, their Barista Manager won an award for her amazing customer service so be sure to say hi to Brandy when you stop in. You’re sure to get a smile!

Other notable burgers with residents that we’re naming our “Long Time Classics” include Bud’s Jolly Kone, Lariat Bowl and Lassen Steakhouse. These establishments have been around Tehama County since the 1960’s and remain family favorites with residents across the County.  Bud’s Jolly Kone’s “BJK Burger” (pictured left) is a huge hit with locals and they love reminiscing about family memories at Bud’s with fun-flavored milkshakes, “gems” and just down right good food! Lariat Bowl is near and dear to my heart. As a kid, I used to play pogs while my dad and uncle played in bowling leagues. As an adult, I enjoy their delicious Western Bacon burgers during community meetings in their backroom which is available to rent, and of course, an occasional stop to throw some strikes! If you visit Lassen Steakhouse, right off Highway 99 you’ll find so many BBQ competition winner plaques that you’ll want to try it all! Their burgers are a huge hit with BBQ lovers!

Don’t miss these burgers from more favorites of Tehama County locals!

Sully’s at Oak Creek is a newer, upscale restaurant is already making a name for themselves with their Western burger.

Visit historic downtown Red Bluff and stop into Sugar Shack for an amazing burger before hitting the unique boutiques!

We hear the Volcano Burger at Mill Creek Resort is outta this world!

Wanna get away? Visit Highlands Ranch Resort in Mill Creek and you’ll be enjoying your burger in peace in no time!

Amanda Jenkins, Local Blogger/Vlogger

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